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I normally use 90% of max for smaller cases or 93% of max for larger cases as a starting point from Hornady data, their charts can go way too far down on the bottom end. 33.3gr is 90%, so 30.0 gr would be fine if that where you wanted to start.Aug 12, 2020 · The description of Hornady Reloading Guide App Derived from extensive testing by Hornady Manufacturing Company, this app includes reloading data for over 200 cartridges and 300 bullets. Under carefully controlled conditions using the components and test equipment specified, we report only data that proved safe in our research. Hornady Subsonic 30-30 Winchester Ammo 175 Grain Sub-X Subsonic Flex Tip eXpanding review offers the following information; Hornady has been a trailblazer in the ammunition game for years, with a wide array of calibers and a reputation for some of the most dependable, accurate and reliable ammunition available on the civilian market, it’s no ...

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Hornady gunsmith and reloading equipment is the hallmark of this six decade-old company, which has a long tradition of trusted reloading products at its back. All gunsmith and reloading tools by Hornady are made with the end user in mind. Featuring technology found on no other hand loading line, Hornady's many reloading tools are peerless. Even their resizing dies feature innovative thread ...

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Shop for Hornady Leverevolution 30 30 Bullets Ads Immediately . Free shipping and returns on The Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading is now available in Mobile App form. Hornady has released FREE Mobile Apps for Android and iOS (Apple) Mobile Devices. You get a lot of information for free. However, most of the actual load data is surcharged. You can buy all current load data for $19.99, or use the "à la carte" option to ...We printed out our loading data and got right to work, loading rounds in half-grain increments from the minimum to the maximum with each powder. We gathered our overall length from Hornady's Leverevolution factory .30-30 Win. rounds, and sat our bullets to the cannelure.Shop for cheap price 30 Gibbs Reloading Data Hornady 168gr Bullets .Compare Price and Options of 30 Gibbs Reloading Data Hornady 168gr Bullets from variety stores in usa. products sale. 30 Gibbs Reloading Data Hornady 168gr Bullets BY 30 Gibbs Reloading Data Hornady 168gr Bullets in Articles Shop for cheap price 30 Gibbs Reloading Data Hornady 168gr Bullets .

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Feb 11, 2021 · Does anyone have the Hornady Reloading Manual #10 that they would be willing to share the .338 Lapua load data? Thanks! ... May 30, 2013 129 32 Boise, ID. Mar 2, 2021 Tips on finding load data for reloading - HD Tips on finding load data for reloading - HD by JIUJITSU2000 6 years ago 42 minutes 28,983 views In this video I'll share with you some of the techniques and places I like to go to get load data (recipes) for reloading. Enjoy! Lee \"Modern Reloading\" Handbook